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Mushrooms in the orchard – Nov 2012

November has been a cool and rainy month for us this year. This kind of weather certainly brings out the mushrooms! There are a lot of “old friends” popping up everywhere in the orchard, inky caps, fairy cups and clumps … Continue reading

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honeybees and woodchips?

We had a chipping crew come out about a month ago and help us process some of the trees and branches that we have had to take down and clear out in preparation for the coming construction season. Once they … Continue reading

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A newt in the orchard

Went out to check on the orchard today after the very rare summer rain and came across this little fellow: While we have many fence lizards that call the orchard their home, a handful of 5-lined skinks and even a … Continue reading

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Starting up the honeybee hives

Our five hives are now installed and busy with bees. On May 22nd, I picked up my five 5 frame nucleus hives (nuc’s)from a local apiary that raises it’s own queens and nuc’s without any chemical treatments. The nuc’s were … Continue reading

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May 2nd Orchard Update

Beautiful week on the land… lots of nice green growth coming out from the plants. Looks like the cold weather early in April wasn’t kind to the peach and plum blossoms, so it will probably be a limited crop for … Continue reading

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Morels in the Orchard!

I’ve been looking forward to morel season this year and hoping to get some time to go hiking in the hills where I think there would be a good chance to find them… I certainly didn’t expect to find them … Continue reading

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shaggy mane mushrooms!

While I generally don’t have much use for lawn, I was very pleased to look out the window this morning and see that a couple of shaggy mane mushrooms (coprinus comatus) had popped up overnight in the yard of our … Continue reading

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