Mushrooms in the orchard – Nov 2012

November has been a cool and rainy month for us this year. This kind of weather certainly brings out the mushrooms!

There are a lot of “old friends” popping up everywhere in the orchard, inky caps, fairy cups and clumps of an unidentified Little Brown Mushroom (LBM), as well as some new interesting ones…

The ones pictured below (I’ll try and get a clear close-up and update this post) are growing in one of my raised bed rows (hugelkultur) near a pear tree and some sunchokes (jerusalem artichokes). I was concerned that they may be an amanita (death/destroying angel) as I had spotted a couple a year or two ago, but they don’t have a cup at the base and the gills are more free of the veil:

Another interesting group of mushrooms has come up in a raised bed row on the lower edge of the orchard which is partially under a large Oregon White Oak. I picked several dozen morel mushrooms from this bed this past spring. I’ve been watching the large one pictured below for a week or so and the ridges on the underside of the cap are pretty clear now, which helps with an ID. I am hoping they are Chanterelles, but this is the first time I have come across them, if so. I need to study up a bit more on false Chanterelles and Jack O Lanterns to make sure they are not poisonous. There are a number of others coming up in the same general area, but I probably won’t pick many this year (other than to try and confirm an ID) in the hopes that there will be more next year!

Closer pictures of the forked ridges on the reproductive surface:


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