Homestead Construction #5 – Foundation Complete!

We have wrapped up the foundation part of the construction this week. It’s only taken a few weeks, but it seems like it was a lot longer!

Once the minor plumbing issues were resolved, it was just time to wait until dawn on Monday morning for the boom truck to arrive and get set up.

With the hopper on the back of the boom truck, it is 50+ feet long, so the driver was nervous that he would have trouble getting turned around in our parking area and lined up along the house pad. Turned out to be pretty easy and only took him 5 minutes to get into position. Watching the boom unfold in the pre-dawn light at 6AM was pretty cool 🙂

The first delivery truck arrived about 7AM and started feeding the concrete mix into the boom truck’s hopper. The rest of the crew started pumping the mix into the footings while I was working on the generator. The only real snafu of the morning was the bearing on the pull starter of our generator decided to get seized up, so I had the pleasure of pulling the front of the generator off at record speed, fixing the bearing alignment and reassembling the whole setup. That excitement aside, the generator was fired up and the well pump plugged in to wet down the gravel pad that would soon be under the concrete mix.

The next delivery trucks arrived at about 20-30 minute intervals as the morning went on. It took a total of right around 40 yards of concrete mix to fill the forms. By around 10:30AM, the pour was finished and floats were used to start smoothing out the surface. Control joints were cut with a blade into the still wet mix to allow for controlled cracking later on. After lunch the finish troweling took a couple hours, a polymer cure coat was sprayed on (to help control evaporation) and the crew was finished.

The next day, the forms came off and the foundation was done!

It has been a few days now and apart from hosing down the slab to keep it from heating up too much, we are ready to move onto the walls. The masonry supplies will get delivered on Monday, hopefully. That should allow for the first set of blocks to be set on Tuesday.

The drainfield inspection was also completed this week. The inspector from DEQ seemed happy, so we were able to backfill the drainfield and just leave the inspection ports showing. Once the main deliveries for the masonry supplies and the trusses are on site, we can go ahead and dig the hole for the tank and have it put into place. We’ll see if that happens this fall or next spring.


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