Homestead Construction #4 – Foundation: Moisture Barrier and Rebar

Here we are at the end of the second week of working on the foundation. A lot more progress was made this week.

Our first inspection for the construction process was on Monday for the plumbing rough-in. The Inspector was just on the site for a couple of minutes and we were signed off, ready to go to the next stage.

The water & waste lines were lightly covered and the footings for the internal block walls were dug. A 10 mil moisture barrier (plastic sheet) was put into place over the tamped gravel and 2 extra inches of 3/4 minus gravel was added on top of the moisture barrier.

Once the final layer of gravel was watered down and tamped, it was time to move on to putting the reinforcing bar (rebar) into position. A grid (18″) was formed by laying down lengths of rebar in each direction. The bars were propped up to a height of 2″ so that they would be in the center of the slab when the concrete was poured. Additional bars were added and tied into place to be running lengthwise inside the footings. Finally, vertical bars were tied into position every 48″ around the perimeter of the walls in a position that will allow them to run inside the cells of the block walls.

The next Inspector came out on Thursday and said the footings and rebar looked great. He had a few comments on the plumbing where it passed under and came out of the slab, so we have a couple things to do this weekend (putting sleeves on the water lines running under the load bearing walls and doing a better job tying down the water lines that come up from the floor inside the slab).

The boom pump for the concrete is scheduled to come out to the site at dawn on Monday. Here’s hoping the pour goes well!


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