Homestead Construction #2 – Drainfield Installation

The drainfield for the septic system is now in place. It took three mornings of digging trenches with the backhoe and using pick, shovel and rake to level the trenches. Instead of a pipe on gravel drainfield, we are using infiltrators (the black pieces in the picture below). They are a lot easier to work work with and it avoids having to haul and level gravel to the trenches. Our system is 3 lines of 125′ each, connected at the ends near the septic tank. The tank be installed a bit later to allow us more room to work and move construction vehicles around the front of the home site.

Now we just need to backfill up to the tops of the infiltrators and request the inspection. Whew! Glad it is done and we beat the rainy season. We would have had to wait until next June, otherwise.


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2 Responses to Homestead Construction #2 – Drainfield Installation

  1. Markshere2 says:

    I’m thinking tree roots invading the holes in the pipes is going to be a big problem in coming years..

    • The infiltrators are not like traditional pipe & gravel leachfield systems. They basically form a large tunnel for the effluent from the tank to distribute through and are reported to have much less of a problem with tree root invasion.

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