Snacking in the Orchard

The heat of summer has finally arrived, it seems. With it comes the chance to sample some new flavors of fruit and berries!

I was excited to see the Tayberries plumping up over the past week, and now they have started to really put on some size and color. I’m still not exactly sure what the pedigree of a Tayberry is… different sources claim different parents. All that I have seen so far agree that it is a hybrid cross of a blackberry and a raspberry. Some sources say a black raspberry, others a red raspberry. Yet others claim a loganberry (another hybrid) is in the mix. However this plant came to be, I’m grateful to the Scottish folks who bred the Tayberry. I was impressed with the flavor and texture of the berry. Looking forward to eating many more!

Another first this year was the Nugent (NY 518) cherry. This is an all yellow cherry, skin and flesh. It is quite sweet and has a nice firm texture to the flesh. Not a real stand-out as far as “cherry” flavor goes, but I think we will enjoy this one, too. The yellow color is supposed to fool the birds into thinking it isn’t ripe yet. We didn’t have any trouble with the birds on the few dark red Stella cherries that set this year, but I expect the fruit eating birds will find our orchard before too long.

This week also brought about the first ripe blueberries, meeker raspberries, black currants and white currants. Today, we were able to eat eight different kinds of fruit/berries: Elliot blueberries, Musk strawberries, Primus white currants, Tsema black currants, Autumn Britten raspberries, Meeker raspberries, Nugent cherries and the Tayberries… what a treat!

They were all given the thumbs-up by my boys, except for the black currants. None of us are still quite sure what to make of them, yet. I need to look up some recipes and find a way to use the strong flavored taste.

The next few weeks should bring on the different types of gooseberries and jostaberry along with more kinds of blueberries, loganberry and boysenberry. Summer is delicious!


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