Growing Water Chestnuts

We’ve decided to do an experiment this year and try and grow asian water chestnuts (Eleocharis dulcis).

Since our local grocery store doesn’t normally carry live water chestnuts, I special ordered 10 pounds of them from our local produce manager. We’re splitting the order with a couple other friends.

The order came in yesterday:

I’ll start them in tubs with some wet soil and transfer to the pool if/when they start to put on some green growth. Here they are ready to be covered in wet soil in their nursery bed:

Hopefully we will see some growth starting in a week or so. I sampled a couple last night from the ones left over after planting about 120. I just peeled the skins off and ate them raw… so much better than canned!


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One Response to Growing Water Chestnuts

  1. Eleenie says:

    How interesting, I look forward to seeing the results!

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