shaggy mane mushrooms!

While I generally don’t have much use for lawn, I was very pleased to look out the window this morning and see that a couple of shaggy mane mushrooms (coprinus comatus) had popped up overnight in the yard of our rental hosue. My son and I had just walked over the area yesterday evening and there was no sign of them at that point. They grow very quickly!

I let them grow until dinner time tonight and then picked them. The one on the right has already started maturing spores which causes the cap to start to liquify. The one on the left is at an earlier stage and is still white on the top half of the cap and stipe.

While these are some of the most common mushrooms that come up in lawns in North America, i’ve never had the chance to eat any. I chopped the top half of the one that was still in good shape and did a quick saute with a tiny bit of butter. Delicious!

I will use the mature portions of these mushrooms to try and innoculate some of the garden beds in our orchard. The straw bales up there are already colonized by another coprinus family mushroom, the inky cap:


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