saved from the trash

Through my FIL, I was able to save a few items from the scrap heap/trash over the Easter weekend.

He had been holding on to a good size ~2′ x 5′ stainless steel screen basket that had been left behind by a client. It was formerly used to harvest algae, but had been sitting outside for years until a good use for it was found. I mentioned my interest in trying to grow some water chestnuts this season and that I would need to keep an eye out for something to use to make a raft to grow them in. If I can rig some lines up to this basket so that I can keep the bottom of the basket 6-12″ under the surface of the water, it should work very nicely!

The other rescued item is a goodly amount of “used” oxygen tubing from a medical supply company. Turns out they can’t reuse it and even unopened packages have to be thrown out if they spent any time at a client’s home. The tubing will be very helpful in training the branches on my trees. Now that the fruit and nut trees had a chance to settle in last year, I will start using stakes or rebar and the oxygen tubing to gently train the branches into better positions for strong angles, air flow, sunlight exposure, etc…


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