Wild Mushrooms

While taking a look around our soon-to-be homesite, we stumbled across our first wild Turkey Tail (trametes versicolor) mushrooms growing on a small oak tree:


The funny thing is that this is right in the area that I used to inoculate my log cultures with Turkey Tail mushroom plug spawn from Fungi Perfecti (www.fungiperfecti.com) last October.  I also started up log cultures of other medicinal and culinary fungi in oak and Doug-fir logs not too far away, so we’ll see how much contamination ends up happening.  Not much sign of activity yet in the log cultures, but it has only been 4-5 months.  Hopefully soon!

Also, came across another crop of the little brown mushrooms (LBMs) on one of the hugelkulture beds by my Forty-Niner peach tree:


I would love to know what they are, but there are so many LBMs that I may never know.  They come up a lot in the hugelkultur beds.

Pretty tough fungi since the nearby meadow looked like this just a couple days prior:



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