Garlic is in the ground

I think I have stretched last years saved garlic as long as possible. Some of the cloves were starting to dry out and turn brown. These bulbs were harvested last summer from my first hugelkultur bed. They originated from a batch of standard California white soft-neck garlic that I purchased from Costco.

Here are the cloves separated roughly by size:

A 3 foot by 4 foot wood chip hugelkultur bed was prepared for the garlic by digging down and removing about 12 inches of the gravely soil, then adding back about 5-6 inches of mostly rotted wood chips. The sifted topsoil was returned to the bed on top of the wood chips and additional loam (sifted rotted logs) was used to bring the overall bed height back to the original level.

The largest of the saved cloves were planted in this bed (~60 cloves). Now, after a couple of weeks, the garlic is starting to peek up the green shoots. I re-buried a few cloves that were heaved up by frost and they had roots a few inches long already. Off to a good start!

The remaining 80 or so medium and small cloves were planted in the main hugelkultur beds that the fruit/nut trees and bushes are planted in. This soil is much less “rich”, so I am curious to see how the garlic does there.


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