Apricot – Hunza

Apricot (Prunus armeniaca) Hunza
Quantity: 1
Location: 6th Hugelkultur row bed
Purchased from Raintree Nursery
Planted: April 2011
USDA Zones: ?

Description from nursery: From the land of the Hunza in northern Pakistan, where people routinely live to well over the age of one hundred. The kernel of this small, sweet fruit is the primary source of oil for the Hunza, and many claims are made concerning its properties. Kernels must be roasted or otherwise cooked before eating. The Hunza leave the fruit on the tree to dry before harvesting, but we can’t recommend this method for those in wetter climates! The flesh of the fruit, when cooked, has a deep toffee flavor. Self fertile. It is not likely to produce well in cool maritime summers. On Citation rootstock.

Received plant in April from Raintree Nursery and planted directly in the arboretum.

Photo update from 5-12-11


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