Fertile Valley Seeds

My order of seed packets from Fertile Valley Seeds arrived this week!

Fertile Valley Seeds is the seed company started and run by Carol Deppe, author of Breed Your Own Vegetables and The Resilient Gardener:
After enjoying The Resilient Gardener and identifying with many of the author’s interests and goals in being able to grow a reliable food supply, I ordered these 6 packets to try this year and next:

While Carol Deppe also lives in Oregon, she is in the Willamette Valley, which has some substantial differences from the climate from southwestern Oregon where we are at. I am very curious to see how her varieties do here and if I can adapt them over the years to our location.

With our hot and dry summers, I think we may do better with the corn varieties. I’m not sure how the 3 types of beans will perform. I need to get the popbeans (chick peas) in to the ground soon!

– I planted 50 of the popbeans into the uphill side of one of my hugelbeds in the arboretum on 4/26/11. We are still having plenty of cool weather and some light rain, so we will see how long it will take for them to sprout.

– The popbeans are up! I returned back from a conference in Florida to find that they had sprouted and are growing well. Most were several inches high and starting to put out true leaves. It looks like ~45 of the 50 beans germinated and made it this far. Not bad…

If you haven’t grown garbonzo/chick peas before, they are pretty different looking from what the standard garden beans look like.

Here are a couple shots from 5-11-11:

Another shot from 5-24-11 – most plants are from 4-6″ high now and looking good:

These have received no supplemental water or fertilizer to date. The weather has been quite cool, with temperatures down in the 30’s-40’s at nights and mostly 60’s during the day. I’ve recorded about 1.5″ of rain since they have been planted in late April.


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4 Responses to Fertile Valley Seeds

  1. lisa says:


    I was wondering if your Fast Lady northern/southern peas from Carol Deppe grew well this year. I would really like to get some seed, but don’t know whether Carol will be offering any for sale this year. So I was wondering if you might have any you’d be willing to sell. Even if it were just a couple of seeds, I’d be glad. 🙂

    Thanks so much,


    • Hi Lisa,

      The Fast Lady seeds germinated well for me, but we just didn’t have a good warm season this year in my part of the US. Our cool season crops did well and most plants grew, but warmth loving plants did not do so well for me in general. I will try my extra seeds again next year and see if we get a better season & result.

      Regarding obtaining some seeds, I would suggest signing up for Carol Deppe’s newsletter via her website. That is how I found out about her seeds being on sale this past Spring. I would think she would offer them up again this coming year and that way you can support her work directly and get a good sized packet of seed.

      Best wishes!

  2. Brian says:


    I was wondering if you have Magic Manna corn seed. I wanted to grow them last year but could not find.



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