Fig – Sultane

Fig (Ficus carica) – Sultane
Quantity: 1
Location: 2nd Hugelkultur row bed
Purchased from Raintree Nursery
Planted: Spring 2011
USDA Zones: 7-11

Description from website: A productive pear shaped fig from Sollies in southern France. Medium to large, skin blue black shading to brown around the stalk. Flesh red. Very sweet, reminiscent of Hardy Chicago and Celeste. Sultane (occasionally listed as Sultana, Grosse de Juillet, Noir de Juillet) has rapidly become one of the favorite figs at our nursery. The fruits are small plump figs, between Celeste and Brown Turkey in size with a dark maroon color and a delightful, rich almost nutty flavor. Wonderful as an appetizer stuffed with a sharp cheddar or blue cheese! The rapid-growing trees have a pleasant upright shape with minimal suckering. Sultane fruits early and promises to be another good fig for gardeners who have a shorter hot summer season. We obtained this from nursery colleagues in UK, the original fig from Sollies Ville in southern France. The fruits have proven to be excellent for drying, even drying on the tree during

Received plant in April from Raintree in a one gallon pot. I allowed the plant to break dormancy and leaf out and waited to plant in the ground until after the last frost.


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