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hugelkultur beds, part I

The climate in our area of southern Oregon provides quite a bit of rain in the winter and spring (~30 inches on average), but is bone-dry during the summer and early to mid fall time frame.  This means we need … Continue reading

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Rotary sifter

Our sifting ability has taken a leap forward! Tiegan, who just turned 12,  has completed his rotary sifter project.  One of the main areas in his homeschooling right now is “applied math”.  With this in mind and a budding interest in engineering, … Continue reading

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  Welcome!  This blog is aimed to document our progress as we begin to interact with our new property in Southwestern Oregon and eventually build our home.  Our vision is to utilize a permaculture approach to create a safe, peaceful … Continue reading

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Making your own potting soil

When we lived in the suburbs, we only needed a couple bags of potting soil a year to get our seedlings going that we would use for transplants. With our bigger property we have not only a need for more … Continue reading

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